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Entertain Your Guests in Style

If you’re looking for a great space to host your upcoming event, consider ESCAPE-The New Makati. Our spacious facilities, great food and ample parking make it a prime choice. ESCAPE-The New Makati is available for private and corporate bookings 7 days a week. For more information and to plan your next event, contact us below.

Dancing In The Disco
Woman Drinking Cocktail
Jazz Singer

Dance Parties

Did you know The New Makati hosts Dance Parties all the time? If you’d like to find out about hosting your own event at our venue, please let us know. 

Cocktail Receptions

The New Makati is ideal for hosting Cocktail Receptions of all sorts! Get in touch to book your next private party. 

Private Concerts

The New Makati is the perfect place to host Private Concerts. Let us know what your needs are in we can take care of the details. 

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